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Tupelo Adoption Lawyer

At Bryson Law Firm, we can handle everything from the most straightforward adoption to the most complex. We take pride in handling these uniquely positive family law cases.

Handling All Adoption Cases

We can handle private placement child adoptions. These are adoptions in which the birth parents have consented to giving their child to the adoptive parents. The birth parents may be located in Mississippi, or they may be out of state. We also handle international adoptions.

Perhaps you are a stepparent interested in adopting your stepchild. We can assist with all stages of these types of adoptions, including termination of parental rights for the birth parent. These types of cases may be contentious if the birth parent does not want to give up parental rights. We have the strength to resolve disputes.

At our law firm, we have also handled adult adoptions. These are unique adoptions that require special attention and may play a role in estate planning. The adopted individual will gain all of the rights of a birth child, including inheritance rights.

Why Is It Important To Have An Adoption Attorney?

The addition of a family member should be a positive experience. However, the adoption process can be complex. Without a Tupelo adoption attorney to guide you through, you run the risk of getting caught up in pitfalls or making seemingly small errors that could send you back to the starting line, delaying the expansion of your family. Our goal is to help you bring your family together as quickly as possible.

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