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Wills & Estates

Property, Probate, and Estate

A Mississippi probate lawyer and property attorney at Bryson Law Firm can help you to achieve your estate planning goals.  We will carefully go over your particular situation and desires before working with you to craft a plan that best handles your needs.  We will help ensure that your probate will proceed smoothly according to specific directions recorded in advance.  Our Mississippi probate lawyers have seen the needless conflict that often tears families apart, and we are committed to helping our clients make provisions that prevent future arguments amongst heirs.

Probate Lawyers in Tupelo MS

A Tupelo probate attorney at Bryson Law Firm can handle your estate planning needs for the entire state of Mississippi.  Probate and wills are governed by Mississippi statutes and case law.  The peculiarities of the law mean that it is not always obvious what will be considered valid when the time comes.  A probate attorney is required by law to probate an estate, and we recommend that you consult an attorney for wills to make sure that your written wishes are not harmed by failure to follow proper form and procedure.

In addition to a simple will, we think most people should have both an advance health care directive and a power of attorney.  The advance health care directive specifies your medical wishes in the event that you are unable to speak on your behalf during future medical care.  A power of attorney allows you to designate who will have the authority to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated.  This will save your loved ones from having to wait to go before a judge to gain the right to manage your affairs if you become unable to do it yourself.  Even relatively young individuals and couples can benefit from such planning.  We have very affordable bundled packages for comprehensive planning.

Quirks in Mississippi law can allow ex-spouses or the parent of your children to end up in control of your estate, even if your relationship with them ended long ago.  It is important that you designate who will be your executor to prevent this from happening.  Our Mississippi probate lawyers recommend that everyone who has children or has been through a divorce should prepare a new will to help avoid some of the pitfalls not typically addressed in divorce and custody orders.

Estate Attorney Tupelo MS

A wills lawyer at Bryson Law Firm can also help you to avoid probate altogether.  There are means to pass most major assets directly to the intended recipient outside of the estate, and we can ensure that you maintain control of those assets while you are living.  Or we can help you to use adult adoption to include someone in your intestate line of succession.  Contact Bryson Law Firm for a lawyer to write a will or to find alternatives to using a will.

Almost any size estate can benefit from estate planning.  And for very large estates, we have methods to assist with tax planning to avoid needless waste of your hard earned assets.  For instance, you may be able to use a limited liability company (LLC) to transfer assets at a reduced value for tax purposes.

Your Comfort Comes First

We know this can be a sensitive subject.  We take a friendly approach to make you feel comfortable.  It is our job to make estate planning less intimidating, and you will find that we are very good at putting our clients at ease while still getting the job done right.

Our estate planning packages are produced on quality papers and put into an attractive package that looks attractive, professional, and authentic.  These are important documents, and they should look and feel as such.  We will advise you on how to store and protect your documents so that there will be no question of authenticity when the time comes.  Also, we can provide video recordings of the ratification and your wishes to further protect your planning from future litigation.

Estate planning is about protecting your loved ones.  Doing this now can save your family from financial disaster, family feuds, and misunderstanding.  A good estate plan is a gift that gives for the long term.

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