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Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes

Drug possession charges in Mississippi are serious, and you came to the right site.

Arrested For Drug Possession?

Bryson Law Firm’s drug defense attorneys are well aware of the serious consequences you are facing, and we are here to help.  Whether it is a possession of narcotics felony or possession of marijuana misdemeanor, the consequences can be dramatic:  from losing your license, ruining your record, losing your gun and voting rights, to decades of incarceration.  The criminal justice system doesn’t care if you are a good person that made a mistake, but our felony attorneys do.  Bryson Law Firm has an affordable criminal lawyer for you that cares.

When you face drug felony charges, the District Attorney is probably going to insist on you serving time in prison despite the objection of your drug defense attorney.  Even when all the criminal drug lawyers in the court have told you that your only option is prison for your felony drug possession charges, a Bryson Law Firm drug defense lawyer may be able to show you other options.  Our holistic approach goes beyond the court to help get your life back to how it was before the drugs were a problem.  A Bryson Law Firm drug possession lawyer is here to help give you a true second chance.  Maybe even a third or fourth chance.

Drug Possession Defenses

Bryson Law Firm has worked to establish connections to various state agencies, private organizations, and key individuals.  We help clients charged with possession of a controlled substance to get the help they need.  We help turn the state from prosecuting you to actually assisting you in getting your life back together.  The best drug defense attorney is one ready to be proactive.  Our drug defense attorneys will reach out to multiple sources from the start to find solutions.

Marijuana Defense Attorney

Is your problem a misdemeanor in the lower courts?  Marijuana drug charges?  Paraphernalia?  DUI other?  Need a misdemeanor attorney?  We’ve got you covered.  We may be able to keep you out of jail, keep your license intact, and even keep your record clean.  Our marijuana attorneys solve these problems.

Drug Charge Attorney

If you end up going to trial, you’ll be ready with our drug crimes lawyer.  We absolutely love a good court battle!  However, we’ve worked out so many cases that trial may not be necessary.  You can sleep easy knowing that our team is ready to defend you.

Remedies Rather Than Punishments

Do yourself a favor.  Let us help.  Call 662-205-0008 or email kerry@brysonlawfirmpllc.com.  We know that sometimes good people end up in unfortunate situations.  We continue to work hard to find and offer novel solutions.

Drug Charge Lawyer When And Where You Need Us

Looking for Desoto County criminal attorneys for a drug trafficking felony?  Need help from Lee County criminal attorneys for possession of heroin charges?  Lowndes county criminal attorneys for a first time offender’s drug possession?  Alcorn County criminal attorneys? Union County criminal attorneys?  We work cases all across I-22 and up and down Hwy 45.  We have got you covered.  If you are reading this, you need to call our criminal drug lawyer now.  662-205-0008.


What are you charged with?  Possession?  Possession with Intent?  Sale of a controlled substance?  We have solved all of these without jail time.  We’ve kept all of these off of records.  Trafficking?  We’ve defended that.  Call now to speak to our lawyer for drug possession.  662-205-0008.