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Let me just start off with the fact that you never want to find yourself sitting in a courtroom. And you certainly would especially not want to find yourself there on the behalf of your child, even if he is no longer a child. None the less, this is where I found myself a short time ago. I must say, as eye opening and bewildering as the experience was, the judge himself was a pretty fair guy. It was by his suggestion that we came to know better the actual subject of this review. The judge said "you need to get a lawyer". Yikes! It was far worse than I had originally thought! I knew a couple of lawyers. I tried to think. Hmm. There was the one whose office I had sold I sold insurance to. No, he moved on to bigger things. His partner? Probably not, his quotes for simple legal paperwork filings were astronomical. Maybe the guy that helped me when I mistakenly got sued by the hospital when I had cancer. No. He wasn't really much help, I pretty much got my insurance company to write that letter alone. Well then there was Kerry Bryson. He took care of a small legal matter for me very quickly and what I would call extremely affordably. I wasn't sure what all his expertise entailed. I gave him a call. I was not sorry. The man gave the kid a more than fair price on representation, advised him on several matters. And gave me some more free advice. I'm just one of those people that likes to be prepared for the "in case". All in all i have proclaimed Mr. Bryson as our new family counsel. I felt compelled to write this to let others know that he is fair and honest. These are things you don't always see in an attorney. You may not want them, but it's what I appreciate. I like to be told the truth. To have realistic expectations of potential outcomes. We really like Mr. Bryson not only as a lawyer, but as a person. I'm extremely glad that I chose to call him. 
-- Shawn C.

I found Mr. Bryson to be knowledgeable, reasonable, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. He was always readily available for me to speak with by phone or by email, and is prompt when returning calls or messages. I highly recommend Bryson Law Firm to anyone who has a family law issue.
-- Debbie U.