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Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys Based in Tupelo and Serving Mississippi

It is not an issue of whether or not you did the crime. The issue is whether the prosecution can convince a judge or jury that you did the crime. You are guilty if they can. You are innocent if they cannot. You criminal defense attorney at Bryson Law Firm knows the system and takes criminal defense seriously. It is our job to make the government follow the rules one case at a time. If they cannot prove all the elements of the crime, then you must be acquitted. 

Tupelo Criminal Defense Attorney

A Tupelo criminal defense lawyer from Bryson Law Firm will carefully manage your case from start to finish. We are well connected with the prosecutors and district attorneys across Northern Mississippi, and we are often able to cut very advantageous deals for our clients. Yet good criminal lawyers must back up their deals with courtroom skills. Our criminal court attorney has the skill to present your case in the most favorable light to the jury or judge.

Thorough Representation

Often, we can get you access to pre-trial diversion to skip the frustration of court. You pay fines and restitution, live clean for a period of time, and then the charge is retired to the file. Your record stays clean. At other times, we can secure non-adjudication once going to court. Again, you will come out with a clean record. In many of the lower courts, we can get some or all charges dismissed outright. If we cannot reach a deal, our robust staff and hired specialists will do the legwork to build a solid defense.

Drug Crime Attorney

The district attorney is most interested in prosecuting violent charges. If your crime was not violent and you're not a career offender, our drug crime lawyer can probably keep you out of jail. We may even be able to erase it from your record. Be sure to lay off the drugs during this process. It could be helpful for you to be able to pass a drug test.

Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney

You need a Mississippi criminal defense lawyer who will work with you. It can be hard to find criminal defense lawyers with payment plans. Criminal attorneys in North MS often demand an exorbitant fee up front. At Bryson Law Firm, a criminal court attorney will understand your situation and work out a payment plan that fits your budget. We are good criminal lawyers who work with real people to solve real problems.

Criminal Defense Attorney Free Consultation

What type of help do you need? Do you need a federal criminal lawyer? Shoplifting defense lawyer? Lawyer for felony charges? Drug possession attorney? Burglary defense attorney? We have a criminal defense lawyer that has gotten good results on all of the above.

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