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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Sex crimes are often shocking when presented to a judge or jury.  While our system presumes the accused is until proven guilty, our MS Sex Crime Defense Lawyer find that it often feels like accused sex offenders are presumed guilty until proven innocent.  When charged with a sex crime, you need a competent and creative defense.

Child Pornography Law Lawyers

Kerry M. Bryson is a child pornography defense lawyer with an extensive background in computers and networking engineering.  Most child pornography now involves electronic devices with which most MS child pornography lawyers have no particular expertise.  Attorney Bryson’s special set of skills allow him to attack child pornography accusations from both a legal and technical standpoint.  Were you hacked?  Were you set up?  Almost certainly, Lawyer Bryson can show that the evidence is not so straightforward as the state may present.

Child pornography attorneys need to be able to critically and calmly parse the facts to build a credible defense theory.  Our child pornography criminal defense attorney has many contacts in the technical community and can bring in programmers, hardware specialists, and network engineers to make the technology favor the defense.  You need Kerry M. Bryson to be your internet sex crimes lawyer.

Email or call 662-205-0008 to speak with a MS Computer Sex Crime Lawyer with an extensive technical background.

Sexual Battery Defense Attorney

The best battery defense attorneys are ones that do not judge you regardless of the evidence.  When picking among sexual battery charge lawyers, you need to find someone you can trust and with the skills to build your defense.  Our experienced sexual battery defense lawyers know how to reshape the narrative so that you are truly presumed innocent until and unless the prosecution can prove otherwise.

Our local sexual battery defense lawyer will file a series of motions on your behalf to expand the issues under consideration and to increase the opportunities for a not guilty verdict.  The stronger we build your case, the more likely that the offers from the state will improve, and the better your chances will be if we go to trial.  We will often work with an investigator to bring our own accurate set of facts to the case.

Rape Defense Lawyers

A sexual abuse lawyer from Bryson Law Firm realizes that it often comes down to a matter of he said / she said.  Our local statutory rape attorneys will help tell your side of the story in a way which is credible and believable.  Our criminal defense lawyers for rape cases work hard to find the narrative to show the jury your human side.  Bryson Law Firm lawyers who deal with rape and battery on a regular basis are prepared to guide you through this terrible period and to defend you.

Call our MS rape defense attorney for a free consultation.  When you are accused of statutory rape, you need the immediate counsel of a statutory rape attorney.  Don’t talk to the authorities until you talk to us.  The Mississippi age of consent is 16, but there are exceptions that may apply to you.  Learn exactly what you are facing by calling us at 662-205-0008.

Child Sexual Abuse Defense Attorneys

Charged with fondling?  Defense lawyers at Bryson Law Firm understand that just being accused of a sex crime against a child is devastating.  While fighting the charge of fondling, a defense attorney can help you navigate even as society judges.  For someone accused of such a crime, the legal concerns often extend beyond the court room.  Our sex crime lawyer is here to advise you.  Call 662-205-0008 to speak for free with a fondling charge lawyer.