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Child Support

Tupelo Child Support Attorney

Everyone can agree that it costs money to raise a child. The big question is: exactly how much does it cost? A Tupelo child support lawyer at Bryson Law Firm can help you calculate child support payments. Whether your case is related to a divorce or a paternity action, we will take care to make certain that child support is calculated accurately and fairly.

Child Support Guidelines

In Mississippi, child support guidelines dictate what payments will be in most cases. These guidelines take into account the number of children, the child custody and visitation schedule, and the income of both parents. While this may seem like a simple matter on the surface, it is important to have an attorney on your side to make certain no income is overlooked, no unique issues or costs are forgotten and everything is handled right.

In some situations, it may be appropriate to deviate from the child support guidelines. This is frequently the case when the parents have higher incomes, or when the child has unique expenses such as medical costs that need to be covered. We will consider all possibilities.

Changing Child Support Payments

There are surprising ways to shift child support payments up or down. We are well-versed in those ways, so we encourage you to talk to us if the need arises. Perhaps you feel that your child support payments were unfairly calculated initially. Perhaps you or the other parent has had a change in income, or the child's needs have changed. Whatever the case may be, we will look for opportunities for child support modification.

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