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Felony Assault

Assault and Domestic Violence

Aggravated Assault Felony Attorney

A Bryson Law Firm aggravated assault lawyer will fight to get your aggravated assault charges dropped or reduced.  Our aggravated assault lawyers know how to beat aggravated assault charge accusations.  We have experienced aggravated assault with a deadly weapon lawyers who can analyze your case and let you know what your realistic prospects may be.  The state takes such charges very seriously, and you need serious and aggressive MS aggravated assault lawyers for your defense.

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Assault Lawyers Free Consultation

Searching for assault lawyer near me or assault and battery lawyers near me?  You came to the right place.  Let us protect your good name.  Email or call 662-205-0008 for a free consultation.

Affordable Domestic Violence Attorney

IF you need a family violence lawyer, a Bryson Law Firm MS domestic violence attorney is here for you.  Our domestic violence defense attorney is experienced in successfully defending domestic violence charges.  Our local domestic violence attorneys have defended numerous clients, keeping them out of jail and their records clean.  Don’t plead guilty without first talking to our domestic violence charge lawyer.

Domestic Violence Lawyers Free Consultation

Consultations are free with our domestic violence lawyers.  Email or call 662-205-0008.


Local Assault and Battery Lawyers

If you are charged with simple assault, you need our simple assault attorney to help try to keep your record clean.  We can often keep you out of jail and protect your reputation.  Our lawyers for assault charges have successfully defended clients across North Mississippi.  Bryson Law Firm lawyers for assault cases are experienced and proven.  The best lawyers for assault accusations are those who have defended in courts across the state.

Charged With Assault But Was Self Defense

Often our assault and battery lawyers can resolve these cases by agreement, but sometimes you will need one of our MS assault defense attorney to present your case to the judge.  We have the experience to tell you your odds of winning in trial, and we love to put up a good courtroom fight.