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DUI 1st & 2nd

DUI 1st & 2nd

You should never drive while under the influence, and you should never plead guilty to a charge of DUI. A DUI conviction does serious damage to your reputation and background check. It can prevent you from getting a job or renting an apartment. It can be used against you in future civil cases, such as a child custody fight. Penalties for DUI get progressively worse as they stack up, so it always worth fighting even a DUI First charge. Avoid losing your license, jail time, and heavy fines. Let a Mississippi DUI attorney from Bryson Law Firm protect your record and defend your good name.

Comprehensive DUI Defense

Don't plead guilty! The Mississippi government knows that people make mistakes, and there are options in place to pay your debt to society without tarnishing your record. Also, there are rules the officers must follow when issuing drunk driving citations. If the police didn't do their jobs correctly, then you shouldn't be convicted. One way or the other, it is imperative to hire a DUI defense attorney to keep that DUI from haunting you for years to come.

Did the officer stop you for a legitimate reason? Did the officer spot a legitimate sign of impairment when approaching your vehicle? Did the officer truly follow the detailed and precise training associated with the field sobriety test? Is this officer even certified to do the DUI traffic stop and associated testing? Was the equipment properly calibrated and maintained?

We check every detail of the proper procedures in our investigations. There are more than a dozen huge manuals that officers use to train for the various required DUI certifications. Our firm has those manuals, and we study them too. Even the best officers often fail to follow the rules. There are just too many rules to keep them all straight. That's your advantage when you hire Bryson Law Firm for your defense.

You aren't paying your hard earned money to hear "We gave it our best effort" or "At least we tried." Bryson Law Firm is laser-focused on keeping your record clean. We are in this field to win cases. It's our passion.

Drugged Driving Defense and DUI Other

Officers often give DUI Other charges based solely on the officer saying that he or she smelled marijuana and no other evidence. Well, that is not good enough. There are rules that must be followed. Does the officer even have the training to speculate on the effects of your prescription medications?

At Bryson Law Firm, we do not condone drunk driving or drugged driving. We do condone following the rules and the due process of law. Sloppy police work and cutting corners undermine the freedom of all of us. We are making the authorities learn to follow the rules one case at a time.

Mississippi DUI lawyer for Non-Adjudication

A lawyer drunk driving defense can help you even if the law enforcement has strong evidence against you.  A DUI first offense ms may qualify for our fairly new non-adjudication law.  Our DUI lawyers in Tupelo have ways for you to avoid the court fight and still keep the DUI off your record in courts across the state.  Top DUI attorneys know when it is your best interest to compromise and when you need to fight.

Free Consultation: DUI Mississippi Attorney

Ready to discuss DUI defense with a trusted Tupelo DUI lawyer? Call 662-205-0008 or send an email.  Dui lawyers Southaven?  We have a robust practice in Southaven Municipal Court.  If you are looking for a Desoto DUI Attorney, you’ve come to the right place.  We cover all criminal courts in Desoto.  If you are searching for DUI attorneys near me, don’t worry.  We’ll come to you.  We have a local DUI attorney for all of North Mississippi.

Drunk Driving Facts from a Drinking and Driving Lawyer

What is driving under the influence? You may have also heard of DWI, DWI attorneys, DWI lawyers, and DWI defense. Those terms are used in other states and mean essentially the same as DUI. Mississippi has essentially six forms of DUI: DUI First Offense, DUI Other, DUI Second Offense, Felony DUI Third offense, Felony DUI Fourth offense, and DUI Death or Dismemberment.  The penalties increase as you go to second, to third, and to fourth. DUI Other mimics the other three and applies when the intoxication is other than alcohol.  Any of the mentioned DUIs can be converted to DUI Death or Mutilation, which is a very serious felony charge.

Dui convictions have penalties based on the offense. A DUI first offense Mississippi is given when you are intoxicated at a BAC of .08 or higher as an adult, or .02 or higher as a minor, and have no previous DUI conviction on your record in any jurisdiction over the past five years. A DUI Second is issued with one previous conviction in the past five years. A DUI Third is issued when you have two or more convictions in the past five years. You need the best DUI attorney you can find even for a charge of DUI First because the penalties get worse as the charge goes up.

DUI First has a penalty of a fine of $250.00 to $1000.00 (plus court assessments and other fees that can push it over $2000.00 total,) up to 48 hours of incarceration, and a 90-day suspension of license. But the long-term stigma is really why people turn to criminal law attorneys for this charge.

DUI Second has penalties of base fines of $600.00 to $1500.00, incarceration of 5 days up to 1 year, and a license suspension of 2 years. DUI Third is a felony. It carries a penalty of base fines of $2000.00 to $5000.00, incarceration from 1 to 5 years, and license suspension for 5 years. These escalating penalties are why it is always wise to seek help from a DUI criminal attorney.

The DUI statute, or implied consent law, also has a provision for an additional charge if you are convicted of a DUI and a child is present in the vehicle.  This carries a fine and up to a year in jail.  On a third offense of having a child in the car, it becomes a felony.

Felony DUI Attorneys

A good DUI attorney may not be enough for a felony charge.  You need a good felony defense attorney, and we have several.  We’ve defended DUI Third, Fourth, and DUI Death.  We use the same aggressive and comprehensive approach we use for our all of our felony defenses, and we combine that with our particular experience in DUI defense.

DUI Third comes with a fine ranging from $2000.00 to $5000.00 and prison time from 1 to 5 years.  The state can seize your vehicle.  Your license can be suspended for 5 years.  The judge has the option to allow you to serve your sentence in the state penitentiary or the county jail.  You should call Bryson Law Firm to discover other sentencing options that might keep you out of jail.  For DUI to be third, the prior two had to happen within the prior 5 years.

DUI Fourth is a new law that does not have a 5-year look back provision, so DUIs from decades ago count in the calculation.  Once convicted of DUI Fourth or greater, you face a fine from $3000.00 to $10000.00 and a minimum sentence of 2 years and a maximum sentence of 10 years.  You will generally lose your right to drive in Mississippi for 10 years, but please contact us for options.

A DUI Death conviction carries a minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum sentence of 25 years.  It is considered a violent crime, so one must serve at least half of the sentence before becoming eligible for parole.                                          

Be Proactive

We have payment plans, and we can often buy you time following your arrest. Call 662-205-0008 or send an email for your free consultation with a DUI arrest attorney.